DON'T PLAY WITH ME Sunday December 7th at Machines with Magnets Providence!

Visit the website here:  

What will you see?
- Dolls of all types that aren’t for playing...
- Paintings, screen prints, dioramas, drawings...
- and Giant balls of yarn!

Artists included:
Ricky Katowicz
Tiphany Giles
Jenny Harada from Pomly
Becky Gould from Scrumptious Delight
Wendi Wing
Jill Penney
Emmanuel Tavares
Yann Weiner
Misako Mimoko
Mimi Kirchner
Jen Corace
J. Shea 9
Jordan Perme

12/7 Opening Party includes:

- Live performances by Big Nazo, Blevin Blectum, Wind & Ghosts, and Yann Weiner - Church of Tchotchke: a small craft fair featuring objects and prints for sale

1/4 Closing Gala:

- Special Guests – live performance