Aurora Providence

276 Westminter St, Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Since this falls on a NecronomiCon Providence night, I'll be doing an all new solo set,
something highly lovecrafty...

sharing the bill with 


"A fixture of the Chicago DIY electronic scene, Laura Callier has logged years of synth programming and vocal experimentation under the Gel Set pseudonym, as documented on physical releases with Chi Town-based imprints like Lillerne, Modern Tapes, and Notes And Bolts. Her forthcoming full-length Human SaladLP, due July 7 on Moniker Records, showcases her most complex compositions to date, animated in equal parts by her detached lead vocalizations and the technoid arrangements issued from her web of hardware. Like Montreal’s cyborg chanteuse Marie Davidson, Callier blurs the line between analog performance and coiffed post-industrial studio production, constructing dense sessions seemingly weighted with more synchronized layers than one person could conjure alone. Yet whoa: there she stands, somewhere behind the tiered rows of her machines, guiding them through bruising breakdowns and swells of corrupted synthesis." -Tiny Mixtapes

Spa Moans

"Out of Chicago's boron-filled basements, Spa Moans rings out from the tiled walls of the mind, with mellifluous sounds to make you stomp your inner spirit animal. Sonic frequencies at 85 bpm for the R&B and New Age freaks. Electronic smoothness for the groovy babes. Release yourself to the purgatory of the conscious and unconscious."

with locals:

Mindy Stock’s music of enchantment, escapism and release. Exposed, personal verses topped with reverb, driven by cracked, rippling beats against glowing, distorted, pop-dusted synth melodies. Blossoming voice lacing through cement and iron rhythms constructed in rusted Providence, RI. Virusse’s fourth full-length, Bouquet de Sable, opens in a snowy cave, deep in a dark wood, hidden away from words of hurt and eyes of judgment; an inner world moved by tisanes and tides. A series of songs crafted in an effort to dissect one’s pains and needs, no longer running from fate.


276 Westminster ST
doors open at 9pm, music at 9:30pm
$5 admission