Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I will be playing on this and it will be visually mind-melting - 
because that is how Alexander Dupuis is - 
so - 
early warning - be there - !

from alex:

Tuesday, February 16
8 pm
Granoff Center Studio 1 
Providence RI


live video by Alex Dupuis
in combination with music performances by
::: Bevin Kelley ::::
::: Kristin Hayter :::
::: Caroline Park & Asha Tamirisa :::


G'd(w)^n's castle is a video performance system I’ve been developing over the past year, exploring at various times ideas about space, liquid light shows, architecture, flicker films, a/v composition, metal, and really just about anything psychedelic. I’m extremely excited to play with a number of my favorite people/musicians who’ll be performing alongside different pieces/incarnations of the system and generally making everything awesome. It’ll be a short one, so stop by for rainbows, bubbles, nightmares, kaleidoscopes, synths, flashing lights, all that business!